bradley grant robin 

Becoming (2019) - piano, voice, fixed media, dance, and video

       Sarah Joyce Church, dance and choreography

Becoming tells the story of a protagonist's discovery and mastery of his inner voices in conjunction with growing clarity of his past and a greater synchronicity with the present. The piece explores the many ways and relationships between the discovery, acknowledgment, coping, and eventual healing from trauma. The multimedia version includes video as a way to provide imagery and symbolism of past and present. Imagery may include collages of memories, faces of impactful people to the protagonist, as well as abstract imagery enhancing or reflecting the energy of the moment. Dance, in conjunction with music, portrays the relationship between feelings and their triggers, the latter can be images on screen and/or voices diffused through the immersive speaker system. The protagonist reveals his relationship to music as both a personal inspiration, spiritual anchor, and eventual way to integration, health, and eventual creative prosperity. In February, the unabridged first and second movements were premiered at the Oh My Ears festival in Phoenix, Arizona. In June 2019, it was performed at both the International Computer Music Conference in New York City, and at the Curious EATS festival in Chicago, IL.