Brad Robin composes and conducts music in a multitude of styles for soloists and ensembles ranging from jazz band to contemporary chamber groups and orchestras.  Compositions have also included a computer component designed to manipulate and augment the sound of acoustic instruments. As a pianist and keyboardist, he composes and performs music for dance, theatre, film and multimedia performance art. In addition to the United States, his music has been performed in Croatia, Mexico and New Zealand. Recent performances include Phase: Transmuted Agony for chamber ensemble, fixed media and dance as well as a presentation at the International New Directions in the Humanities Conference in Chicago. Other notable premieres include performances at the Texas Dance Improvisation Festival, the LATex festival at Rice University, and the Uzmah–Upbeat festival in Croatia, among others in Chicago, New Zealand and Mexico. Having completed a PhD in Music Composition from the University of North Texas and Master's degree in music composition at DePaul University, he is currently resides in Chicago with his wife Nicole.  His instructors include Kurt Westerberg, Juan Campoverde, Christopher Trebue Moore, Joel Hoffman, Claudia Howard Queen, Jon Nelson, Kirsten Broberg, Joseph Klein, and Panyiotis Kokoras, Andrew May, and Richard DeRosa.
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