bradley grant robin 

Consumption (2018) for 6 channel immersive audio


In Consumption, what initially began as ticking hopefully invokes the image of scurrying claws. As knives and clanks continue, the object continues to take on a life of its own.  The introduction of chewing gives it the semblance of life, thus codifying it into an entity capable of options, mobility, and trajectory. In speaking of mobility, I don’t limit this to spatialization, though it certainly includes this.  Consumption provides a whimsical commentary on issues of satisfaction, hunger, and drive.  It is a six channel immersive piece and was premiered at the Ecos Urbanos 2017 festival in Mexico 

Consumption has enjoyed performances at ICMC 2018 (Daegu, South Korea), NYCEMF 2018, NACUSA 2018, NSEME 2018 (UNT)  and local performances at DePaul University, Northwestern University, and University of Chicago.